Can IKEA Lamp be controlled directly by remote and connect to ZHA?


I do have a IKEA Trådfri-lamps and remote. Can I pair it directly to the lamp (to be controlled even if Home Assistant are down) AND to the Conbee via ZHA? Or does all Zigbee communication have to go over the Conbee-network?

Why? I want the lamp and remote to work even it the gateway are down. And for some curiosity… :slight_smile:

No you can’t.

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Thanks! I kind of understand why! :grinning:

I’m sure it can. See the second video on linked page bellow.
Smart bulbs and remote controllers can be paired together without need of having any gateway. It works for Philips Hue and IKEA TRÅDFRI.

Don’t know about ZHA, but you sure can using Zigbee2MQTT

According to @francisp the seems you can… sorry for the confusion.

A bit confused here…
I don’t have IKEA Gateway in the system. Only HA and Conbee2 in the system.

Check out binding in ZHA.

How I did it in Zigbee2MQTT :

Pair the E1743 to the coordinator. Create a group in Zigbee2MQTT. Put my bulb in the group in Zigbee2MQTT. Bind the E1743 to the group. Now the E1743 controls the bulb directly, and I can still use lovelace and automations in HA to control the bulb.


under binding.

Can you also react on button presses of the remote?

Yes I can.

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Thanks for all wisdom!

I do use ZHA, can the groups be created there or is it a Zigbee2MQTT feature only?

If ZHA is a less feature rich alternative, can I change to Zigbee2MQTT easily without having to recreate the Zigbee network (reset and include all nodes)? I have Mosquitto running and used by HA already. I run HA on Ubuntu + Docker.

You can create groups with ZHA, but I never played with the functionality.

Interesting! :slight_smile: Need to check it out!

I don’t use ZHA (I use deconz), however I can tell you that you need to repair every device if you switch to ZigBee2MQTT.

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