Can manual switching of light be disabled?

On the GE dimmers, is it possible to disable the ability to use local dimmer paddle control?

It is likely model specific. There may be a parameter to do that. Try looking it up here.

I don’t see any configuration options to do so for the GE switches I have (14292 and 14294).

You might be able to hack this ability with an automation. For example, if you want the switch permanently on, you could just setup an automation with a state trigger for the light entity, not specifying a state, and have the action always turn the light on, or whatever. Or only trigger from “on” to “off”, etc. Could even schedule based on time or some other condition.

The lowtech way would be to install a locking cover. There are various kinds like that linked one that keep it locked unless unscrewed, or other child-safe versions that have a very tiny window to press the switch. There are also magnetic ones. If not decora, there are many toggle styles as well.

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What is the end goal? just to disable the physical switch?

It was a temporary setup for a guest bathroom during a party. I wanted to disable the ability to manually turn the light on and leave it up to the motion sensor solely.

The only differentiating value in the object that’s sent from the event bus is the user_id. If someone manually presses a paddle, the user_id field is null, however, since the paddle is directly connected to the light switch, it directly controls it, so the only thing that can be done at that point is to turn it off right away based upon the previous state propery, but latency causes a problem with the flow of the experience when the light is turned on and off quickly through HA.

It’s not a critical function, but I was digging in to see if it was possible.

Some Zwave devices do have “Node Protection”. The device has to support the protection command class. The manufacturer device manual will explain how to set it. For HA see more here: