Can monitor but not control Fibaro Dimmer 2 and Aeotec Nano dimmer over Z-wave

Not exactly sure when it happened (arounf 0.95.0 update) but suddennly my 2 dimmers lost ability to be controlled from Lovelace. I can switch lights on and off from hardwired switch, change is reflected in UI (icon changes color/light entity changes its staus), but clicking on icon to trigger light toggle or flipping the switch from more-ifo view does not switch the light on/off. After clicking on switch it wents to on for a second and then instantly goes to ff state. Up to few days ago it worked liked a charm. I did no changes for these entities configuration in meantime. Othe Z-wave devices seems to operate normally (but these are only sensors). I tested/healed entire network and individual nodes few times. I also restarted hassio (including rebooting RPI). Any idea how to troubleshoot?