Can monoprice amplifier combine zones within HA?

Hey all,

I currently have 3x Nuvo p3100s. I don’t like the sound quality. I’m looking for something where I can see all of my ‘rooms’ and combine them into a ‘zone’ before sending audio to a Chromecast input

These amps are about 300 open box on eBay

Can someone show off their monoprice integration? It would help tremendously in my decision making

Each zone is a media_player numbered from 11 through 16 (media_player.zone_11, etc.) You have limited control over the media player which includes:

  • On / Off
  • Volume
  • Source (i.e. input selection)

You need a media player to handle output (analog) to the Monoprice amp. In my setup, I have two RPi3 micro computers running PiCore Player, each of which show up as a targetable media player.

Each of my “zones” in my house have a corresponding set of input booleans to enable/disable (mute/unmute) sounds to that monoprice zone depending on what the sound is. This is in lieu of creating individual automations for each scenario.

For example, I have a grandfather clock that chimes every 15 minutes based upon a custom sensor that watches time. When the clock strikes 12, a specific file is played on only the zones for which the input_boolean for the grandfather clock is enabled.

It gets rather complicated when you end up creating a single flow to handle multiple scenarios such as using a single service call node to turn on a selection of monoprice zones in order to play sounds using an array passed as a parameter to the service call node which is built on the fly based upon which “mute” buttons are enabled or disabled for that sound in that room, etc.

Please wait while my head explodes…I need to organize this better so I can demo my setup somehow.

Either way, the way I’ve found to do it is to turn on the zones you want on the amp, set the source for those zones, play the audio file on the media player attached to that source input on the amp, then wait until the player is idle, then turn off the zones and reset the volume to its previous setting.