Can multiple HA devices work together?

Can multiple HA devices work together?

For example, Can I have one HA with Z-Wave Controller and configuration?
The second HA device that does MQTT with all devices that use MQTT?
And another HA that does everything else?

I want it all work together, so I can do something like this: If some MQTT device send a signal I want to be able to turn on/off Z-Wave device.

And display it all on one HA web page.

Is it possible?

Look for MQTT event stream on this forum - I’m not using i, but I’ve seen a number of posts on this here.
There used to be a master/slave functionality that does not exist any more, but looking for that term might give you some results as well.

why would you want 3 controllers when you can do it all in one?

Statestream or eventsteem components will do this.

You can use this for creating multiple instances with varying degrees of user access or connecting instances at different locations.

Works using mqtt.
I’ve used this for a while without any issue

Yeah, it’s straightforward - we can use HA’s built in Rest API to get them talking to each other.

Here’s the HA link for how it’s done:

And some examples of how to do it, in these cases it uses a Pi with Hassbian to do Bluetooth scanning, and the main Pi HA install reads from that to bring it all together onto to the one HA page.

I run two Pi Zero doing extra little tasks for me and bring them together on my main Pi 3. Plus it means I can extend my Bluetooth scanning out to the range of my wifi :slight_smile:

It’s not an extra hassle, the sensor entries are just a tiny bit longer.

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I will check it, thank you guys.

Actually, I am thinking about two devices. I want to install HA on the Virtual Machine on my Hyper-V server. The problem is that I cannot use Z-Wave USB Stick with Hyper-V. Hyper-V does not allow USB path through devices, so I wonder if I can have Z-Wave controller on another RPi.

There are certainly others that have gone this route, having the zwave gear on a separate server. Some use Vera (which I personally don’t like after fighting with it for years before throwing it out) but I think there are examples of using a RPi as well