Can no longer access HA

noticed after the latest update today, my conbee2 stick wasnt configured and was struggling. so i went to my most recent backup to restore and then all of a sudden, i havent got any eyes in.

Set up on VM on win10 machine and loads fine. Home assistant OS 11.2. Core 2023.12.0.

Things ive done/tried:
Access from my Nabu Casa account shows “Your instance is not connected to Home Assistant Cloud. Remote address: Not available”.
Access through IP and local throws back “this site cannot be reached”.
Ping for the IP address returns no packets lost:
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 3ms, Maximum = 20ms, Average = 8ms
I have tried restarting many times
Disabled IPv6 on the host as advised on nabu casa

i think thats everything
any help and advice appreciated please.

How long have you waited after starting the restore? Mine can take over an hour even though the backup only takes about 15 minutes.

What does the Home Assistant Observer show: http://<your_ha_ip>:4357/

Hello, im not sure how long

observer shows
Supervisor: Connected
Supported: Supported
Healthy: Healthy

When I’ve had that happen I’ve sometimes just had to close the browser and re-launch it - that initial page that shows the restore happening never does update. Other times I still could not connect to the login screen, and that’s when I just needed to be patient and wait a lot longer! If you have a monitor to connect the computer you might be able to see the HA command line interface to see what’s happening.

I will see what happens by morning but im not going to hold out for anything

everything is still as it was yesterday, unfortunately

Do you have a VM snapshot you could restore?

not that im aware of, its something i have never instigated either.

I have just tried everything again and still no further forward

Same issue here…
After yesterday update to 2023.12, which surprisingly solved my reboot every few hours (RPI PI3A+ with 512Mb) … today, after over 24 hours without a reboot (but during this time, when I was connecting it was taking quite long to react) today the WebUI is totally unresponsive… but the Observer is Connected, Supported and Healty… and I can ping its IP address…
So the OS is running… but the web interface (only the one on 8123… because on 4357 it answers properly) is not running
I also connected an HDMI Monitor to my RPI but there is no signal at all
I didn’t find a way to remotely reboot it (I have SSH disabled) so I am forced to remove Power now to reboot it…
But I wonder why it did happen…

PS I tried the command http://ipaddress:4357/logs but it returns “forbidden”…
Someone knows why/what is the right syntax?

ive got a sinking feeling im going to have to remove everything, download, hopefully log in and start again with a lesson learnt of keep back ups outside HA