Can no longer connect locally

I was playing with dashboards (on my PC web browser) and somehow got disconnected. I have no idea what I changed but now I can’t connect by using my HA IP address. I can’t connect through my app; the server doesn’t show up and it doesn’t connect if I put the ip address in. I can connect through NabuCasa. Everything works fine through NabuCasa.

Have you taken any steps to problem solve the issue?

For example, a reboot of the system.

Can you be more specific what “playing with your dashboards entailed”?

Do you know how your HA system is getting it’s IP address. Is it statically assigned inside HA or automatically from your DHCP server? If it’s a dynamically assigned IP then perhaps it changed.

What happens if you try to connect via the name of your server, rather than the IP address?

@nickh66 makes a good point.

Open CMD and ping homeassistant.local -4

You’ll get an IP and results if it’s replying to the ping.

I was trying to create a dashboard for my phone. I don’t remember exactly what I clicked on but at some point, I lost connection to HA. I just restarted the HA box and I’m connected again.

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I appreciate the update!

Thanks ALL! I got access again! After that, I changed it to ethernet (I had originally set up this new system with wifi since I didn’t have a network plug close to where I was working. I also changed it to static. I don’t know the name of my server. Where can I find that? I just switched everything from an RPi 4 to a Dell micro and installed it with Linux.

Sorry it took so long to get back to this. Thank you VERY much for the quick reply.

That worked initially. Then, once I got connected again, I switched it from wifi to ethernet and made the IP address static. Now, pinging homeassistant.local doesn’t work. Ideas?

if you ping the static IP, do you get results?

ping and of course change the to your device :smiley:

Yes. The IP address works. Just not “homeassistant.local”

do you connect in a browser with


Only works in the browser. homeassistant.local:8123 does not work in the browser either.

What is your installation, HA OS, HA Container (docker) or other?

I’m not sure. I believe it’s HA OS. I installed it on a new box (Dell micro) with Linux following a YouTube video. Initially, I had started HA on a an RPI4 but, when multiple quick power outages fried that, I decided to move up to a better system with surge protection and battery backup.

Incidentally, the homeassistant.local was working before I changed it from wifi to wired and changed from automatic IP to static.

I feel kinda lost. I used to have computer skills but the networking stuff is confusing me–maybe I just getting old. haha

Operating System
Home Assistant OS 12.2

Messaged you… If you are on OS what you are experiencing is normal. I think it’s a network setting issue.

Thank you for all your help!

It’s no big deal not being able to connect with “homeassistant.local” since I have the IP address and it works perfectly now (and much faster than wifi).

I need to get to bed now. Maybe I’ll have some time this weekend to try again to play with my mobile dashboard.

I believe this is worth reviewing, but glad you are up and running.