Can not add integration with Alexa amazon

Hi all
I try to add integration with Alexa amazon, step by step as in my pictures, but after I put user/password and authorize at Alexa page, I get error “We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site”
Let see my pictures for more detail
Thanks very much

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You have to use Nabu Casa or setup it up yourself, in order for making Amazon able to access your HomeAssistant.
192.168.???.???:8123 isn’t a network which can be reached from the internet.

I don’t use Nabu Casa, I use local Hass, so do you mean that I have to public my internal URL to internet with https ?

In order to use Amazon/Alexa with HA you need to go either way described in my post before, yes.
Either you do it with AWS etc. pp. yourself or use Nabu Casa.
Maybe give it a try with Nabu Casa, it free for 30 days.

Ok Joerg, I see.
I don’t use Nabu Casa, I just want to integrate my Alexa Echo with my Hass in order I can use my Alexa Echo as an remote speaker that is controled by Hass.
Thanks very much


ALL Alexa control ALWAYS goes via the Amazon cloud so your HA has to be able to get on the internet AND receive from the internet. Like Joerg says the easiest way is via Nabi Casa.


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Ok, thanks for your advices