Can not compiling ESP32

I have problem with compiling new ESP32.
It started and after few second the HA lose connection and start restart.

You have too few resources… memory or cpu.

I have 4X intel core i52400 and 4G RAM. It is not enouth?

Hmz, that should be enough… what version of esphome are your running?

But your VM has only 2GB assigned… And yepp, depending on how many ESP devices you have, and how complicated the compiled code is, 2GB can be just a little short… :slight_smile:

Try giving the VM more than the 2GB, as HA is running there as well as all other addOns.

And if this doesn’t help, you can always setup ESPHome on another machine to compile, eg. your Windows machine (just assuming you have one). :slight_smile:

Agree. Since it’s easy to try to go to 4 just do

The problem was with RAM, after 4GB assigned started working.