Can not connect ESPHome manual

Hi there,

On HA i would like to install. ESPHome. Untill now no succes.
Allready at the last tsep in the manual installation it wil not accept the Host image

In the config script it looks like the api: must be mentioned ( is empty now) what to write as api:?

I,am working on a http:// network. This gives limmited posibilities.
What is the easiest way to tackle this ?

Any help is much welcome.

Vpn or port redirection



Read the manual :bookmark_tabs:

then read it again :bookmark_tabs:

and again :bookmark_tabs: (and don’t forget to use the search function :mag:)

If you still have troubles ask a good (meaningful) question


Very welcome :handshake:

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What are you filling in to the host box there?

Amazing this reply.
Orange-assistant realy mis understand my topic.
Volenteer howe about the commercial cloud.
I bad within 2 years ha is commercial.
Of course i read the f… manual.
But your reply tels me that you are not able to understand that what you are writing is didactical justified.
But any way i will not ssked questions again.
Buy for now.
I wil find my eay.
Kind regards ikioss

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Hi hellis81,
I fill in almost all possibilities like ip addresses, hostnames etc. No succes.
A warning limited use. In fact limited is no use at all.

But it looks like i,am working on http most likely it must be https?
So it stops for me there.
Maybe vpn or other solution.
Or even skip ESPHome at all. All funtion i need and want are slready there.

And i,am happy.
ESPHome is a chalange no more.
Thanks for your reply.
Is you have a solution i,am interested.
I,am not interrsted in goeroes without empatatic skills.
Let us help each other in a decent way.
I will look in nikito7 ideer vpn or redirect
Cheers for now.
Kind regards ilioss

When you open the logs of the ESP-Home you will get an IP somewhere in the top.
Use this IP in the Host field.

Since these IPs are internal IPs then there is no harm to take screenshots of it or copy paste what it’s saying.

There is no need for https. ESP-Home works locally and doesn’t know about the internet.

This is where you enter the IP address of an ESPhome device that you have already flashed with ESPhome. Have you actually flashed a device yet?

Hello SparkyDave,

Thanks for the help.
Two items I must solve and overcome to finally succeed to have it working.
Yours was very helpfull thanks again.
First of all the bin file i had to flash I saw it yesterday bud did,not know what to do with it.(solved)
Second the yaml script want to have ap??? I just removed it from the script now it is working.
Thanks again.
So when we users help each other it gives fun otherwise you get frustrated and that is not the meaning of this all.
Thanks again.
Kind regards,

ap: enables an access point on the ESP in the event that it cannot connect to your wifi, giving you a way of connecting directly to the ESP with your phone or PC to then configure the settings for the ESP to connect to a wifi network.