Can not connect to Access Point


I am a newbie with Home Assistant. I just discovered it and already lovin it! :slight_smile:
I installed the Access Point on a Raspberry 4 and would like to use it in “bridge mode” like I did with RaspAp before. I can setup the WiFi and it is available, but when I try to connect my iPhone it couldn’t get an IP address. As soon as I activate the DHCP it works.

What I am doing wrong. I tought deactiveate the DHCP the DHCP server inside my network is used to get the IPs for the connected Accesspoint devices. I am using a FritzBox 4970 and eBlocker as DHCP server.

Any Idea would be helpful. Thank you
Kind regards

Home assistant is not a wifi access point

What is the purpose of Access Point?

Never seen that before. But it is a custom component, so post an issue on their github.

Or ask in the existing thread.