Can not discover Bluetooth LED Lights

Hi Everyone,

I’m running HA on a miniPC using proxmox virtual environment.

I just successfully configured and added a Bluetooth proxy (ESP32) but my Bluetooth floodlights are not being discovered. I bought these lights after going thru compatible device list on HA LED-BLE integration page. These are iLC RGB outdoor floodlights. I’ve added 2 of them in BRLight app in my android device but it doesn’t work in HA.

Everytime I try to add BLE-LED intergration, it says “No devices found on the network”

Can someone please help?

Do you have active: true on your BT Proxy?

  active: true

I assume a light would require this since you’re not just passively getting sensor data.

Also, have you tried moving the light near your HA server to verify whether it’s the BT Proxy or your whole system?


Thanks for the help! I don’t know how to add that.
I configured my bluetooth proxy thru “ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy” webpage. I’m not sure how to edit the config on it. Can you please help?

Never used that method, but skimming the GitHub it looks like it already has active turned on.

Can you use a bluetooth scanner (eg on your phone) to see what is being advertised? Ble led discovery looks for these strings:

I removed it from the app. After scanning in bluetooth in my phone, it shows up as “BR-RGBW Light”. I’m not able to pair with it directly thru my phone without using the app.

I dont know how to get the data that you’re asking.

I was referring to using something like this

Now you have removed it from the app, does it show up in ha?

Here is the output from bluetooth scanner.

And no, it didn’t show up in HA after removing it from the app. I’ve done it so multiple times without any success.

From the local name not being in the list that ha recognizes, I would guess it’s not supported.