Can not find HA (RasPi) via HomeAssistant App (Andriod)

ive got this issue that my HA-App can not find my HA (connectet via wifi) running on my RasPi.
My Smartphone and HA-Server are in the exact same wifi.
But i can connect to HA with my PC with is in the same Network but connectet via LAN.

I already checkt my FritzBox security-setting “WLAN devices are allowed to communicate with each other”.

My App can not find my HA even when i type the IP i use on my PC.

Any suggestions what i can do about it?

Can you access HA in a browser on the same device?

Website is not available

ok you need to solve that issue for the app to work, sounds like a network issue as you are using the IP. Have you tried bypassing proxy or anything else you have setup and directly connect to the server to rule things out?

first i had my RasPi conntected via LAN
and i switched to wifi

no i did not because i dont know how to :sweat_smile:
kind of new to all this network stuff

that sounds like a horrible idea, you want HA to have the best network connection and wifi does not supply that like LAN does.

okay yeah but it should be possible right?
and i dont know what i can do to fix this