Can not find mobile_app notifications

Hello. I would like to use 2.0 for my notifications but I can not find needed service. As I see here I will see service after enabling notifications from app. But I don’t.

What am I missing?

The app screenshot is of either a very old 2.0 beta or 1.5.1. You will only see notify.mobile_app_ entries for 2.0 beta. 1.x is of the form notify.ios_

Now I am up to date. Here is new issue

Repeats again and again

Do automatic setup. Automatic setup will use cloud remote UI automatically. Manual setup with Nabu Casa is not currently supported.

Didn’t go very far. I got home and tried automatic one. App said that I needed mobile_app in config, so I wrote “mobile_app:”
Then restarted, tried again, and got to this

Remove the current integration from the UI and start the onboarding process again. If you have previously added this integration (even without success) it will still create the integration. Try removing this first and then try again. To be sure reinstall the app as well as this will reset the app as well.

Edit: this helped for me, might not work for you ofcourse. What I did as well is delete the mobile_app file, found in the core folder (that folder can be found in the same place as configuration.yaml)

I found only .ios.conf
Should I delete it?

You don’t need to remove that file. You don’t need to remove the mobile_app file either, I just did it to be sure, the file can be found in the .storage folder which is hidden! If you don’t know what it is for better leave it alone.

Just make sure you remove the integration in the HA UI, after that reinstall the app and try to set it up again.

Sure, I do not want to deal with hidden files as I am not confident about that.
Sorry, I just did not really know how to remove the integration. I did not use that page in Home Assistant actually, but now I understand what to do. Thank you

Deleted integration, reinstalled the app and it works. Thank you