Can not find solution to TTS error msg for my alerts - I am sure this is my total "user error"

Good evening - I hope whomever reads you are keeping well.

I have set up an alert but I am getting this verbal message from one of my designated notifiers : “to send tts set public url and integration configuration”

Maybe you have just read the above and planted your head in your hands in disgust and disappointment that I have missed something so very very obvious - if so, please do not hold back in letting me know my dumb a** mistake - I can take it…

I have set up an alerts.yaml file and set alert: !include alerts.yaml in my configuration yaml too.

I have set up a very simple Front Door is open alert with a 5 min repeat and two notifiers - one is my phone (that is working perfectly) I receive the written message very quickly - the other notifier is one of my echo dots - again it responds very quickly - but with the message above - “to send tts set public url and integration configuration”

Any help and guidance very much appreciate and welcome

My first thought is do you have all this stuff working and tested using developer - services.?

Hello Sir, I hope all is well with you. I am sorry for delay in replying and THANK YOU for taking the time to try to help me.

Work has been a bit crazy, but I hope to have some time in the next few days look at my situation and will come back to you - thank you again,

Hello again, just had a quick look at your link - yes Ive had my Nabu Casa account for a while and all working well. If I link it as described in the document to sent - will that then mean that all my instructions / voice requests I give will be going out to Amazon Servers ?? This was something I was trying to avoid.
Thank you

If you are sending tts to alexa, you are cloud hopping. same with the Google.
If you want local only you have to work a little harder and set-up the new voice assistant Piper stuff and the openwakeword stuff.

I don’t know your set-up and your goals, you will have to decide what you want to accomplish. Pick a path.

Hi, thank you again.

As part of my testing, I have set up an automation which will activate when I open a door, it will activate a call service notification to my nominated Alexa_media_echo_dot and in that I have set up the action to send a message with data type:tts

The above works perfectly every time and very quickly too to both my phone and the echo dot.

But it is the Alert set up that is not working - sorry correction, it is sending the written message to my phone but the “to send tts set public url and integration configuration” is what I hear from the echo dot.

So you cannot send tts to alexa.
I think I understood that from when you said in in your original message. I can’t help with that. I don’t use it.
Perhaps configuration - voice assistant is the topic you want to ask this question. You will find someone there that can help I’m sure.

I would suggest not worrying about the automation you built and do your testing with media player tab to just get it working first. Once you get it working your automation will likely work.

Hello again - I do need to repeat my appreciation of your time and guidance - THANK YOU…

I am more than willing to take on board any suggestions you may have. Prior to my recent set up, I was using Rhasspy and all the local set up that involved and it worked ok most of the time - I am happy to revert to my previous set up - in other words I am not tied to my recent Echo Dot and Alexa Media Player…

On the top of this message thread you started.
Click the pencil next to the title.
C;ick the word configuration
Change the selection to configuration - voice assistant.

Thank you - I will do that now…

Why only text notification to your phone? You can use your phone as a tts announcer as well. I’m just finishing up a YouTube video on this very topic, should have it published in a day or two. I’ll try to remember to come back and post a link to it for you, but in case I forget, check the socials section. I have a thread there where I post all my videos.

Here’s the video I mentioned:

Hello, good evening, this is really kind of you to help me and really GREAT of you to remember to come back and share the link with me - thank you very much…nick

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