Can not flash the firmware


I have a working device tht want to flash with new firmware. I have this error message:

======================== [SUCCESS] Took 194.81 seconds ========================
INFO Successfully compiled program.
INFO Resolving IP address of bedside-lamp.local
INFO  ->
INFO Uploading /config/.esphome/build/bedside-lamp-maite/.pioenvs/bedside-lamp-maite/firmware.bin (907968 bytes)
ERROR Error auth result: Error: Authentication invalid. Is the password correct?

How could I fix it? Is there any other way to flashit remotely?

Kind regards.

We need more info:

  • What device are we talking about?
  • Have you ever flashed the device before?
  • What does your yaml look like?

The error however is easy; apparently you provided none, or a wrong password.


Yes it was API pass problem, I flash again and now it works.

Thanks for help.