Can not get hassio webpage, but I am able to ssh

I am running Hassio on a raspberry pi 3. After boot up I am able to get to the web interface , but after 30 minutes or so, I will not be able to get in using the web interface. I am able to use SSH to get in, so I guess the pie did not crash. Can someone help me trouble shoot this problem. I am not running any script or programs yet. I just have hardware connected for now

I would disable every custom component, add-on (except SSH and Samba), and integration in that order until you figure out the root cause. You never know what could be causing the issue–I once had unexplained issues that went away after disabling the Duck DNS add-on. You should also post more information about your instance (HA version, 32 or 64-bit, install method, etc).

Your PI is still able to run add-ons, so next time you boot, I would install the SAMBA add-on so you can access the logs and see what errors are showing. Post your configuration.yaml here so we can see if there is something you forgot to disable.