Can not install Asuswrt integration

decided to give the Asuswrt integration another go (using the 2021.7 beta) but cant even install it… complaining about 'Unexpected error" when I enter , or “Invalid hostname or IP-address” when entering the ip-address including http:// or https:// …

is this still broken then?


Same here for my Asus XT8,
RSA public key file was generated using puttygen and store in router settings, ssh was turned on for local LAN, I can SSH into my router using PUTTY + pageant’s private key in windows11 but getting Unexpected Error in HA. I had go through some tutorial but still no luck

Hi, I found the solution at Problems setting up ASUSWRT with SSH Keys worked. Put the ssh private key into /config/ssh and make sure you’re using the same ssh port as you configured on your router.