Can not Install HACS on HA Core (snap) 2023.12.4 /20231208.2

I got the same problem as reported in this forum at:

However it is not solved in that record, (user gave up).

Any help is welcome, kind regards HansFritzEgon

A SNAP is normally a read-only filesystem, so installing HACS on it might be impossible. Maybe switch to a supported installation method.

Many thanks for the quick reply, I am just playing around with the different Inst. methodes. Of course i have a running HASS OS Version, but not shure about this (snap) Version.

In fact the HACS Modules have been installed by the Inst cmd (wget -q -O - | bash -) without problems. I am talking about an Integration Problem for HACS itself. There are several statements in the www it should run this way, and even this (snap) is a supported Method. Also i dont see why it schould not run.
HELLO WORLD: Is there anyone who knows (or succeeded) on this subject???


I’ve been dealing with this issue as well. I have a Libre LePotato and RPI4 running HASS in snap at my house (with HACS) but I was trying to get it up and running at my girlfriends house but I receive a 500 Error whenever I try to get it working at her house… The only thing I can think of is hers is a newer version of Debian causing conflicts?