Can not Installing third-party add-ons hassio (magic_mirror)

I try install addon : magic_mirror

but can not install

19-08-12 13:38:18 INFO (MainThread) [] Clone add-on repository
19-08-12 13:38:23 WARNING (MainThread) [] Can’t read /data/addons/git/64f57845/magic_mirror/config.json: required key not provided @ data[‘arch’]. Got None
19-08-12 13:38:23 INFO (MainThread) [] Load add-ons from store: 59 all - 0 new - 0 remove

Refer guide :

but can not install
Is it an error when updating Home Assistant 0.97.2 ??
please help me
system : ubuntu 18.04

I think the error-message indicates that a key named arch: is missing.
See for instance as a reference.

I have made a copy and fixed what is causing the error, please try my repository and let me know if that works. I also included the pull-request and added extra info where needed.

thank you so much,
it worked !!!

You are welcome, I’m glad that it works :slight_smile:

Update: I see @sytone has made some changes to his repository, but I think he still needs to make one more change, please see the pull-request, this one contains the needed change plus some improvements.
I had to change the name of the temporarily repository:

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