Can not integrate PTM215z (friends of hue) to zigbee2mqtt

I just tried to connect a senic switch (ptm215z enocean) with the zigbee2mqtt of homeassistant. I want to connect it directly trough a sonoff USB coordinator stick and the installed Zigbee2Mqtt HA integration. Therefore i followed the instruction of EnOcean PTM 215Z control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT and selected channel 11. I enabled the permit join and also pressed the pairing button. But I can’t see anything joining and the log tab is not showing anything.

What am i doing wrong?

Do you have it near a hue devices for it to connect to?

I do not want to connect it to a hue device. I would like to ad it directly to HA via a Sonoff USB zigbee coordinator stick. I have installed Zigbee2Mqtt and other zigbee devices ar working fine.


It’s a zigbee green power device so you need a hue light or plug on your network for it to connect to. It explains this in the link you posted.

Z2M users with CC2652/CC1352 Z-Stack 3.x.0 Zigbee Coordinator and ZGP (Zigbee Green Power / GreenPower ) devices like “Friends of Hue” switches based on the Zigbee 3.0 pre-certified PTM215ZE/PTM215Z and PTM216Z modules from EnOcean might want to post their experiences here →

I have five of those wallswitches. Had no problem including them in Z2M. However, I was experiencing that sometimes I had to double or triple klick, for them to send a command. Since I have a hue hub as well, it didn’t seem worthwhile to investigate further. When connected via the hue hub, they never fail.

O.k., thanx. You are completly rigth, i should have read the document better.

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