Can not select media player when creating automations

Hi all,
When i create automations, i press dropdown list at “select media player” but there’s nothing displayed. (No matching entities found)

I would go to developer tools / states and type in the filters entity box ‘media.’ to confirm you have media players set correctly.

EDIT: As @reste_narquois Pointed out my typo above, I have edited for clarity.

Should have typed:
I would go to developer tools / states and type in the filters entity box ‘media_’

I’ve tried but there was no information.

So you don’t have any media players set up and that’s why you can’t select one as you don’t have one.

So, could you pls show me steps to set up Media player.
Many thanks,

Well I think you maybe need to read the documents here as the steps for setting up the media player will depend on what media players you have that you want to add to home assistant.

Without knowing that I have no way of helping you!

Just pointing out that you should type media_ in the ‘Filter entities’ box not media. to see your media_player entities i.e. end with underscore rather than a full stop.

There have been other reports of entities not showing up in the selector drop-down in the Automation Editor in the most recent update (2022.08.03), so you may be seeing this issue too.

You must own a media player that supports HA. If you have it and you add the integration then it will appear in the entities automatically.
for example

It is not related to this issue. In this case, there is no media player.

Do we know for sure? Unless the OP replies with the correct filter applied in the ‘Current entities’ list…

As you noticed I commented on the thread you link to. Here the selection of media players works without a problem (if you have them)

Unless the OP’s only media integration is the Squeezebox integration perhaps? (You reported problems with that integration I believe)

The problem concerns services and target selection
I have several squeezebox players here and I can select them without problem