Can Nuaire PIV ECO-Link be controller via home assistant?

I own Nuaire Drimaster Eco Link PIV system, this one to be precise: LINK. I don’t have any accessories.

In Amazon’s description, it lists Humidity Sensor - DRI-ECO-RH as an available optional accessory. The manufacturer’s website states that this sensor:

This sensor tracks the levels of relative humidity in the home; the set point can be dictated by the occupant and programmed via the sensor itself. If the level should rise above the set point, it will send a signal to the unit, mounted in the loft, to boost in order to provide additional ventilation and therefore maintain good indoor air quality.

Now this is exactly what I want to do, but I don’t think a simple sensor like this is worth nearly £300 they’re asking for it.

Is there any transmiter/receiver I could buy for my Home Assistant setup that would allow me to control the PIV unit in my loft remotely using automations? I got a spare ESP32 laying around, maybe that could be used somehow?

I would appreciate if someone could direct me in the right direction.

I’m of zero help but did you get anywhere with this one? I’m investigating doing something similar (if it’s technically possible) as I suspect that three dehumidifiers are a tad inefficient!

Nope, nothing yet but I’m leaving this post here in hope that one day someone will reply with a solution.

I’ve been looking into a PIV system and I want to control it via home assistant. I can’t help with the controller aspect, but I wonder if it could be controlled by using a mains relay to turn the power to the unit off and on?

I’ve found the frequency they use (SRD). Maybe the rtl_433 project can help?

RF enabled DRI-ECO devices operate at a frequency of 868.3 MHz .

At this moment I just have it connected via sonoff zigbee switch which i use to remotely turn it on and off according to my automation.

That’s my plan too. I guess you can’t control the different power levels but that shouldn’t matter much to me

Does the unit remember it’s speed setting when switched with a sonoff?
I dont have one installed just yet, but researching in advance.

This thread might be of use? Honeywell CH/DHW via RF - evohome, sundial, hometronics, chronotherm

Yes it does, at least for me.

You will need to buy a USB dongle (about £35), and will need to do some hacking about - but the ramses_cc integration can definitely act as a remote for the Nuaire PIVs.

The next version (I am the author) will need less hacking, and some future version will add support for using non-Nuaire Humidity/CO2 sensors.


Yep, I’ve had a read through some of your thread. Top work. I think I will order the dongle. Your integration has me leaning towards the Nuaire over the comparable Vent Axia systems at the moment.

Not got any good ideas yet but love this thread
I’ve gone for the Vent Axia. It supports a unpowered wired switch for boost setting so no wireless hacking needed.

I’ve been using the Sonoff Minir4m matter switch to turn the fan power on/off. I’d to find a cheap comparable device or custom Firmware that has relay+ GPIO output for power Plus boost control.

This way can detect higher humidity using Tado or other sensor and using weather forcast calculate dew point to try proactively avoid condensation.

I’ve a Nueaire MRXBOX4 that has dry contacts for the boost and purge functions. Using a Sonoff dual pole switch this integrates perfectly to my HA setup. Using £10 Tuya temp and humidity sensors in the bathrooms and kitchen, along with other purge/boost automation is works perfectly. No hacking required, cheep and simple.