Can osk-105 replace sk-105 on midea air conditioner?

I bought a Midea air conditioner model (MSAG-12HRDN1) but unfortunately, I didn’t find the Wi-Fi module with it, even though its box and user manual were included. The Wi-Fi model is sk-105. However, I only found the osk-105 model available in my area. Can it be used as a replacement without any technical issues?

Heads up - I edited the typo in your title from “media” to “midea” - you should do the same in your post if you want it to show up when people are searching.

I asked that same question for the sk-103 and the reply was that the “o” in the model number shouldn’t matter.

However, if you’re asking here, you’re probably wanting to control it via HA. If that’s the case, have you seen this thread?

Edit: reread your post and spotted this:

Long shot, but have you checked to see if the dongle is already installed in your AC?

Thank you for the information

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