Can some add philips.light.hbulb to xiaomi-miio?

Hello all,

It seems that a lot of people had problems with the philips.light.bulb dure to the 2021.12.1 version. For a part of us the 2021.12.2 solved the issue for others not :frowning_face:

Please have a look over this issue: philips.light.bulb not working anymore supervisor-2021.12.1 · Issue #53 · syssi/philipslight · GitHub

In my case the sudo sed -i ‘s/state.color_temperature/0/’ ./var/lib/docker/overlay2/a8913dcb6909c7715b498670bddb7e60e8f873c45f59000e0efa7a75a2026107/merged/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/xiaomi_miio/
command worked which actually replace all occurrences of “state.color_temperature” by a numeric value “0” in

If my understanding is correctly the solution is to add philips.light.hbulb to the xiaomi-miio.