Can someone Intergrate the aeh-w4e1 hisense module?

this is already a working project here deiger/AirCon: Scripts for controlling Air Conditioners, e.g. with HiSense modules. (

But it seems to already be integrated.
in the file/folder list there is a hassio folder.

Thanks for the answer. Im new to HA can you explain what you mean by that?

Click on the link you provided.
Look through the file and folder list and find Hassio, then click it.
Read and follow the guide

I have already installed Mosquito as a broker and connected it to home assistant with mqtt intergration ( I am using docker) it connected sucesfully but I can populate the yaml correctly with the code here AirCon/hassio/ at master ยท deiger/AirCon (

I get this error " Invalid config for [mqtt]: [app] is an invalid option for [mqtt]. Check: mqtt->mqtt->0->app. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 22)."

I think the code in the github snipet is old and not working with the new mqtt syntax? Im not sure. If you can see an obvious error in their code please tell me how I should add the snipet in the yaml file. Thanks in advance!

I think you should ask that as a new question.
I am not the big user of MQTT, so I am not sure I can see the issues easily.