Can someone recomend a high Amp, energy monitor?

Just watched a great video from Rob on the hookup about how to save energy on water heaters. I don’t live in the US, but we have a “boiling water tap” and I’m wondering how much energy it uses and if it’s a lot, use a similar setup to what Rob recommends to switch it off and on.

But given that the specification reads “220—240 volts, 1300 watts, 5.7 amps” I don’t believe a standard ZigBee plug (I have a few Innr ones) should be used.

How would this forum go about monitoring the energy consumption of this water heater over time (day, week, month)? I would like to keep it simple as whatever I build or buy may be moved to other devices in the house to check out what they use.

keep in mind the energy needed to heat up the boiler content. For example, Quooker says to only turn it off if it’s for more then 2 days.

I would suggest either Sonoff POW R2 (15A) or Sonoff POW R3 (25A). I have both, flushed with Tasmota 11, and looking at using one to control the hot water immersion. Just sourcing some thermostats to have extra inputs to optimse the untilistation.

Thanks both and @niro1987 - that’s a good point.
@RZIRE - I would like to figure out first how much it uses to see if it’s worth it but then the Sonoff is obviously a good option

I use wifi ShellyEM, it a clamp meter. (incidentally same integration as the Shelly power switch wifi modules that shown in Rob’s video, i also have a few of those, all work flawless for years). It also have a built in contact 2A switch to use for switching a relay to turn on and off your water heater.

That clamp looks cool but seems out of stock :frowning: Any other suggestions?