Can switch automatically some sonoff device or channel on 4ch PRO device?

After that when My home is almost 100% remotely controllable I try go with this to my working are as well :wink:
I have ~20 points over our country where devices works 24/7, because it’s electronics the devices my need sometime just reset from power. For just devices I use tasmoted sonoff 4ch PRO unit and over MQTT I can remotely to some hard reset for devices, when It’s needed. BUT. in every point I have router from internet provider as well, and now questions:

  1. How can I reset the routers, when it crash ?
  2. Can I teach some sonoff device to some toggle for 10 second when the device don’t have connection to the internet or to my MQTT server for let’s say an hour or two ?
  3. Must I use sonoff G1 for that then I have connection over GPRS data ? ( with that I must use original EWelink, right now is not any flashed firmware for that device) - I’m dependent on their services.
    I know there is another devices witch works over GPRS ( DIN-GSM) , but all my project so far for one point is cost ~100 €, but this device cost itself ~100€ witch meen the all thing going out from the budget.

Any good advice or idea is more then welcome.