Can’t access bios on NUC11ATKC4 Atlas Canyon

I am just setting up the NUC11. I installed the HAOS image onto a 1TB m.2 drive using balena etcher and then installed the m.2 into the NUC using this guide. When I attempt to boot the NUC I get a secure boot violation warning and then immediately after pressing the ok button I get a message that no boot device was detected. I am not seeing any bios prompt at all. Could really use some help to figure this out.

Edit: Also, I have tried just constantly pressing F2, F1, F10, del repeatedly. No effect though.

I have resolved these problems. For the benefit of anyone else having this issue it looks like it was a couple of problems together. First was that I’m using an old monitor that’s a little slow to show an image on the screen. By the time the image displayed I had already missed the bios prompt. The second problem was that I was using a wireless keyboard and I suspect the drivers weren’t loading in time to enter the bios. Once I switched to a wired keyboard and just kept repeatedly hitting F2 after pushing the power on button everything worked perfectly.

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Try disabling Secure Boot in BIOS settings, ensure proper M.2 connection, check boot order, update BIOS firmware, and recreate bootable drive if needed.