Can’t activate HomeKit on Docker (TrueNAS Scale)

First post here, but I’ve been running Home Assistant for a few years now on a PI. I wanted to move it to TrueNAS Scale and with success, even with my medium/rusty Linux experience (but no experience with docker).

I installed Home Assistant from TrueCarts, the app works, my roller shutters work via RFXCOM, but I can’t get Apple Homekit to work. My iPhone scans the code, but it times out “connecting to Bridge”.

Must be a network config problem on the TrueNAS and maybe to the Docker instance, but can’t find how to troubleshoot it.

Maybe important to note, since I’m using my provider’s router (in combination with Aruba AP’s), I have no local DNS. I can’t go to “TrueNAS” or “WIN10”, … have to use the IP’s. Not sure if DNS is used for HomeKit?

Have you enabled/opened the port from the docker container to the network?

Hi Dave
How is your experience so far with the Home Assistant container on Truenas?