Can’t figure out how to increase storage space

I’m not a big fan of posting on forums (although I like reading them) due to the ever frequent “why would you want to do that?” responses instead of just answers to questions, but here goes…

I’m running HA under UTM on a Mac Mini M2 512gb using Debian Bullseye. Everything runs great but I just want to increase storage space within home assistant. I’m at 67% use according to the system storage meter. I’m aware that one option is to delete unused add-ons , etc but I just need to know how to increase the space.

I’ve searched forums, read posts, even tried ChatGPT to give me the steps but nothing works. I tried resizing under UTM but it did nothing. I tried issuing some Linux commands to resize but no luck.

Could someone kindly give me exact steps to take and exact commands? I’m not very familiar with Linux by any means. Thank you.