Can’t Login

Hey, I am having an issue logging in with the new version of the app. I won’t be home for a week and am using it with my remote address and subscription. It works fine in safari

I have the same problem, I think that we need to wait for an update of HA

Same error here…doesn’t help if I use the local IP:port instead of the public url. The initial scan on my WiFi also doesn’t detect my HA instance.

I’ve just installed it from AppStore and managed to login successfully.

I reinstalled the App and now locally works, it’s not possible to change the external url.

You can’t setup the app via entering the nabu casa remote ui url unfortunately. If your HA isn’t reachable externally or you can use something like a vpn then you need to wait to get home to setup unfortunately.

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Bummer, thank you.

The devil is in the details…if you put a / at the end of the url you get error 404…if you skip that it works, both internal and external url.

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