Can´t play dashboard on google nest hub 2 since Update 2024.4.0

After Updating to new 2024.4.0 yesterday, i didn´t manage to play dashboards to my google nest hub 2. Before updating i used this to monitor my solar panel data dashboard to the google nest hub 2 screen.
Choosing media/dashboards in the mediaplayer end´s with unknown error. Error searching media.
Any Idea ?

If my Nest hub stops playing I just unplug it for a few minutes, boot it back up and everything works again. I’m doing the same as you - sending a solar dashboard to mine. Works fine on 2024.4.0 for me (and all of the 2024.4 betas too!)

Thanks for yout replay.
That doesn´t work for me. Disconnected Nest hub for a short time, and now again for some minutes. But no differenz. Result “error searching media”. Any other idea ?
I never had that issue before updating yesterday.

Shurely i started nest hub before testing again and again
I don´t even get a joice witch dasboard to display. the error accours as soon, as i click on dasboard…
Audiofile can be played as normal…

Solved !
After Installing last HA Update playing dashboard on Google nest Hub 2 works as bevore.

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