Can’t set up Agent DVR integration

Hi, I would like to ask anyone who is using Agent DVR connected to HA. I have successfully set up an Agent DVR on my computer and added cameras to it. My problem is with the integration setup, there are two columns the first one supposed to be IP the second one port.
I did not find the Agent DVR IP inside the program but I can find it in the log so the IP is the same as my PC IP. When I try to put this IP into the integration it do not connect to it.
Is there anything I can try or where to find the information like IP or Port?

I kept trying to find a solution, my problem was that even thou I had allowed the port in the firewall my connection in windows was not set to private.

Hey guys. I am not able to integrate Agent DVR with my Home assistant via LAN. I released the ports on the windows 10 firewall, the ISPY server IP is the same as my computer and when I go to integrate the connection it fails. Am I missing something?

Try to disable antivirus or anything like that, to test if it works. Make your connection in windows private. It may be something stupid like I had. I just switched the connection from public to private and it worked. You should try.