CAn’t show battery entity in group of old style interface

Hi all,

I’m using the old style interface and am using groups.yaml to show devices in groups.

Since we can see battery status now I wanted to group the entities having a battery status. But to my surprise that does not work. Having only battery entities in the group will not show the group on the webpage. If I add a normal device to the same group the group shows with that one device, but the battery entities aren’t shown.


  name: Batterij
    - light.versterker_deurbel
    - sensor.thgn122_123_thgn132_thgr122_228_238_268_f6_01_battery_numeric
    - sensor.badkamer_dimmer_battery_level
    - sensor.SK23V_dimmer_battery_level
    - sensor.huiskamer_dimmer_battery_level

Am I missing something here or is it a bug?

Any help is appreciated.


The old style interface, that means you haven’t upgraded in quite some time since it’s long gone.

It was deprecated so long ago, and then removed, that I doubt there’s many people who can help you.

Sorry about that, I’ve not been exact here ;-(

I’m on 0.114.3 not using Lovelace

The States UI is dead. It died in 0.107. If you’re on 0.114 then you’re using Lovelace. It’s time to learn how that works and stop trying to use groups :wink:

I’m a fan of the battery state card personally.

I’ve chosen to not modify the ui, that is a valid choice isn’t it?

Are you stating here that groups.yaml is unsupported in the lovelace interface?
The integrations page is still there:

Absolutely, but you’re not using the old UI any more, you’re using Lovelace. While it looks similar at first, they’re very different things.

The integration still exists, it serves many more purposes than just features for a UI.

Groups no longer serve the same purpose in Lovelace. There’s a lot more flexibility, and features, now.

Thank you Tinkerer

If Groups.yaml is not applying to Lovelace and the default working of an unmodified UI than the documentation should at least mention that.

And yes, I know I can make changes to the doc’s, but I’m not that well Integrated in HA yet to do that


i 2 still use groups and all work except for the battery status, i want to know if you found a solution ?
if you add them to a group they do disappear in the top row but not all appear in the group. out of 12 battery’s only 6 show.

What are you trying to do? There’s various custom battery status cards that may cover what you want. I quite like this one but there are other options.

i just want to see the battery status grouped together, in the default view, now i have the half on top and the other half in a group (the ones that show up in a group)

Then a custom card should give you what you want.


No, I’ve not found a solution to the partly incorrect working of group.yaml. Up to now group.yaml seems to not apply to battery (anymore?) and I also found that iPhone entities do not group as well.


Hi licky_lauda

Today I upgraded to release 115.2 and the iPhone entities are now in a separate group as configured in groups.yaml and are not shown anymore in the top section of the UI.