Can’t toggle zwave device after rename

Fairly new to HA here so probably something simple I am missing. I have a ge dinner switch setup that was working fine. I wanted to make it more friendly so I used the HA interface to rename the zwave. And light. Entity_id to something more descriptive.

After the rename I am no longer able to control the light from within HA. If I look at the developer tools and states — I can see the state change from off to on when I use the buttons in the switch itself so there is some communication to it.

Suspect there is something simple I’m missing but I’m baffled at the moment.

It might be helpful to post screenshots of the rename details.

I can’t get back to the rename for some reason. To do the rename I selected the object in the z-wave customise section then selected the entity of the node, then entity information, and then hit the gear icon. Now the gear icon for the object is missing.

Rather than going to the zwave control panel, click on the item in the front end. There should be a gear icon there.

That’I used that the first time to rename the device, however it’s now missing when I go back in there. Further potential information – if I tail the OZW_log file, clicking the toggle button inside HA doesn’t show any information (and does not activate the light). If I click the physical switch itself, I see information in the OZW_Log and the toggle inside HA turns on (or off) appropriately. Just doesn’t work if I try to control it from within HA.

Resolved… Something in my .storage/core.entity_registry must have been jacked up. I deleted the two entries that I previously renamed and then let it rediscover them. Afterwards, I tried the rename again and it took fine… (the Gear icon is still there as well to pull the rename section up).

Thinking about it – Previously, I might have made the entity_id and the friendly name the same thing. Maybe that confused it…?