Can the app listen to Bluetooth devices?

Perhaps this is more complicated than I think.
But can the app listen to devices and send them to HA as entities?
I used the intent to get my earbuds battery level and this gave me the idea it would be nice to get my BBQ thermometer from the app.

It’s a inkbird and at home everything works fine, but when I leave home and use my BBQ thermometer somewhere else it gets dumbed down to an ordinary thermometer.

My idea is to read the thermometer from the app and pass it to HA so that I can use the “not_home_bbq” entities.

I have tried to pair my phone with the termometer but I don’t have the pairing code, and I can’t find it googling.
Perhaps I can get the values of I install the app for the termometer but I will try to avoid that.

Anyone have an idea?