Can the app see local stored pictures

I have a lovelace dashboard that uses picture entity cards that refer to images stored in the www folder on the server. how can I get the app to see these pictures?

Do you want HA to rotate displayed images
do you want the ability to access images from ui like media source integration at link below allows?

It looks like I have a similar issue. As soon as I connect to homeassistant via Android App (and cellular phone network, such as 4G), my picture entities are not displayed at all. When using the app within my home network, all picture entity images are shown fine.

Have you found a solution to your problem?

this sounds like a mixed content issue…http vs https which would explain why its a local issue and not remote. Try double checking your networking setup and/or URLs in the app.

I’m actually exposing the content through NGINX as reverse proxy (including TLS/SSL) whereas the local connection (LAN) is unencrypted. I already had the suspicion that I would have to configure NGINX in a way that it passes any content, I did however not find any documentation which could proof my point. Any idea to share with me?

the only help we offer around this is found on:

My solution: in the lovelace editing for the respective picture-element card, I put the externally available FQDN rather than the internal IP. Now the Android app displays the images.

image: '

So it indeed looks like an issue related to encrypted/unencrypted content which I make available via NGINX reverse proxy.

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