Can the Magic Home Pro be connected to Home Assistant?

Please don’t get this app confused with Magic Home. This app is Magic Home Pro (App icon in the post) Is there any way to connect this to home assistant? I’m new to this and can’t find any guides for this app.

Edit: It is an LED strip controller that uses the app.


Might be able to control the app via Tasker (never done it).

MagicHome LED devices can be flashed with Tasmota and controlled directly via homeassistant. You can also use the MagicHome LEDs natively with homeasisstant using the flux_led component, but doesn’t work as well.

Thanks for the reply,

It is an LED strip controller that uses this app, sorry forgot to mention it. Will update the post.
Will the flashing work on an LED strip? You said Magic Home devices could be flashed. Magic Home Pro is made by a different developer. Would that affect anything?

If it looks anything like this, then it will work.

Then, you pick the right template for tasmota, which you can find here:

I recommend trying the flux_led component first (then you can use your app as well), and if it is too buggy for you, flash it to tasmota (No longer use MagicHome App). Once you start flashing devices, you can’t stop!

Sorry for replying to an old post but did you get anywhere with this? I’m getting a quote on an led system that uses this app and I’m wondering if I can integrate it before agreeing

I know this is an old topic, but it shows up on google so I’ll add an answer.

These can be used with the flux_led/Magic Home integration: