Can the Osram SubstiTube T8 Connected be directly used with HA?

Ad the topic says :slight_smile: Can these LED tubes connect directly through ZHA? They’d be ideal in the garage as zigbee extenders.

Ok a couple things.

Osram substitube is a brand that covers all of thier led tube replacements so I assume you’re referring to the connected subbrand. Which is Zigbee 3.0

If it’s zigbee 3.0 it should work in both ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT but… Osram does not set-up any of thier bulbs as repeating devices on purpose. (people have a habit of turning power off to smart bulbs which leads to zigbee routing issues. Osram made the decision to stop setting bulbs up as repeaters to prevent issues. Upside osram bulbs are never the cause of a repeater issue. Downside you have to plan accordingly)

So I doubt these will either.