Can this be flashed, removed from cloud

I am new and learning as I go
I am planning on using HAOS if this makes any difference

Can the BTF-LIGHTING 5in1 WB5 2.4GHz WiFi BluetoothPWM LED Controller be flashed, removed or be disabled from the cloud? I have searched for information on this and havent been able to find anything

Well, it says it can be controlled by bluetooth, RF and wifi.
For bliuetooth and RF there is no cloud, but you’ll need an RF /Bluetooth dongle in order to control it.

For wifi it seems to use Tuya, so you could use LocalTuya A bit of a hassle to set it up, but, so fat, works fine for me.

And maybe,it is compatible with ESPHome, but ithat really depends on what chipset ia used…

Ok. Thanks.
I have decided to go with
for the actual computing power and home for Home Assistant

The first project is for under cabinet lighting components in my Kitchen here below

I have related mounting and istallation hardware. What I am wondering now is; the controller Wifi. Is it possible for this to do electricity / power monitoring or do i need to get a smart wall plug outlet for that and if i need the smart Wifi wall outlet what do i do about the controller Wifi?

My intentions are to in the near future control by voice with chatgtp

Unless it’s built as a smart plug, then it won’t have power monitoring hardware in it.

The device you’ve linked is likely a Tuya based device. Sometimes tuya-cloudcutter works, but I’ve not had any luck with it on things bought since 2024 started so far (so I suspect anything made recently probably doesn’t work).

You could chip-swap it,but that’s non trivial. If you want to go with ESPHome, try Athom who sell pre-flashed ESPHome devices that are similar: