Can this platform be used for commercial purposes?

Good afternoon, I am new to this platform and in the magical world of the IOT, if I manage to do a project in Home Assistat, could I sell it to anyone?

Probably not to anyone, but someone.
Just keep in mind HA needs maintenance, are you going to supply that with the sale?
There is other threads here with more in depth talk about it.

I just wanted to know if this platform could be used for commercial purposes, if not, I will look at other options on the internet that allow me to do so.
Thank you so much

So you just want a yes or no, not do any investigation yourself?
If someone here says yes and you find out that it’s actually no (at least for you) in six months time.

I suggest if you want to try and make money out of anything, do proper research yourself.

OK thank you

HA has an Apache 2.0 license and here is their TOS. I haven’t really seen anything that directly answers your question with a yes or no so I’m not really sure. I’m also not sure its possible to give a simple yes or no answer to that question, it would probably depend on what your plan for monetization was.

I’m not a lawyer and not particularly keen to wade through that dense language of legalese I linked. But I’d say if your plan is to monetize something related to HA then read through that and ensure you are sticking within the confines of what is allowed. If you’re unclear if a specific part of your plan is allowed or not then ask specifically about that either here or on discord and hopefully someone can answer.

The idea of ​​my project is to make a Mqtt alarm with Arduino boards at a low cost, security per blocks, that’s why it is my question because I am looking for a platform that receives the mqtt data, but apart from home assistants I already looked at other platforms,

Thank you so much

But both are totally different to HA. HA is mainly a home automation system, build mostly for end-users.

What you have linked are more like platforms for device management, so a much more technical approach, where you will have to built a lot of things, like the UI, on your own. I’d go that far, to say that both linked platforms would be aplatforms to build a system like HA, like the framework underneath.

If this is the way you’d want to go, HA is a “no”. If you would like “only” to enhance an already running system, then HA would be a “yes”. But depending on how far you would want to go, I’d say the approach to enhance HA will be more difficult, as you’d have a step learning curve ahead. :slight_smile:

Okay I understand
My project is to use an iot platform that you receive the mqtt data for my economic alarm system, my intention is not to make a platform or improve one as such, it is to get a platform for my project where I can receive the data and have an APP for the client, but I have been looking that there are already platforms that provide that service, it is only to send the mqtt data

the same is so far a project idea just that
Thank you very much for your answer

If I get it right, and you “only” need the MQTT part of HA and wouldn’t use all the other stuff, then I’d go with other platforms (like the two you linked). If it would be my project, I’d focus on a framework that can handle your UI, especially the design and maintenance of this UI.

The underlying technical framework shouldn’t be to hard to find, as there are numerous libraries out there, that can handle such a task as to send/receive MQTT messages. This is, because you said economical. The bigger and less modular your framework, the more junk you install with it. That means, you as the manufacturer have to take care about updates and maintenance… :wink:

OK thank you

So that doesn’t sound like any problem at all. In a sense I agree with Patrick but I do see the HA angle.

It sounds like what you want to do is build and sell a cool IOT device - great! No issue at all there, it’s a totally separate thing. The only one who could possibly raise an issue with that is Arduino since you’re building and selling hardware on their stuff and I’m pretty sure they don’t.

Next up - integration. An IOT device is pretty pointless if it doesn’t have a way to publish events that can be subscribed to with automation software. To sell your thing you’re going to want to advertise what it integrates with on the product page and have a guide for users.

MQTT is a logical first choice since its essentially ubiquitous. Nearly every automation platform (including HA) has an MQTT integration. MQTT isn’t HA so again, no issues with HA here, still totally separate. The only permission you need at this point is permission to advertise MQTT support on your product and since MQTT is a standard pretty sure no one will mind.

But MQTT isn’t an an automation platform, its a broker between automation platforms and devices. Advertising MQTT support might be enough for more technical users but not enough for most users. What you likely want to do is either work on cookbooks for integrating with common home automation platforms or work with owners of home automation platforms to build native integration with them. This is finally where HA comes in.

For cookbooks and then advertising that you have a cookbook for Home Assistant I am 99% sure that’s fine. But check the TOS and reach out to the developers if you’re concerned.

If you want to make it even easier and have native integration with HA then you need to make a plan. Either submit a PR to HA with a new integration or work on an add-on style integration like the ZwaveJS one. More work obviously and clearly you’ll need the permission of HA devs to add something to HA but better experience for your users in the end.

Up to you how much time and effort you want to put in :slight_smile:

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The only thing I can see that you could charge for without needing a lawyer is your time.

Your explanation is very complete, I am new to this topic of the IOT but I have experience as a technician in installation and programming of DSC alarm systems, Hikvision security cameras, access controls, and since I move in the middle I wanted to make a system mqtt alarm at a low cost, since my country suffers a lot from insecurity, and buying a DSC system is very expensive and apart from it depends on a monitoring center and paying a monthly fee, I do not know the issue of platforms and other only I have researched online and video tutorials, the Home assistant platform seemed very complete