Can time data store in esp 8266 permeant?

Can time data store in esp 8266 permeant ?

Hi. Your question isn’t so clear to me. I suggest rephrasing/ clarifying.

like I have one lamp used with time schedule( control by esp8266 with esphome) no any issue, but how to possible on time on off if wifi signal not get in our esp8266, so I want this type (link see) our on project in esphome with esp8266, but my requirement without internet ( one time internet ok for install and congregation ) so basically how to current time data parentally store in esp8266 also keep if power fail

If you want time on your esp, I believe you either need to fetch it from Home Assistant or the internet, or you need some dedicated hardware/sensor.

I’m not aware of how they work in surviving a power failure.,periodically%20synchronize%20the%20current%20time.&ved=2ahUKEwjsjdT_nfT9AhX72TgGHbPFB-MQFnoECA0QBQ&usg=AOvVaw3NyxomnIgvuEp07Ja1U_VL

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Ohk , I will try , Thank you Mahko_Mahko!

can I solve my problem with this ? ( link )

I’m not sure. Maybe. You may need to research your options…