Can we get current ip address as sensor

i recently started using zero trust from cloudflare to access my home applications like homeassistant/vaultwarden/nextcloud. For HA I have nabu casa so no authentication issues there but to get the apps for vaultwarden and nextcloud working on my mobile I either need to be at home or I need to bypass my google authentication that I setup prior to getting access to my domain. Ideally I bypass my mobiles IP for these specific application so that I can always connect to my files / passwords stored at my home server. Any chance we can make a sensor for the mobile ip used?

It’s there on Android

hmm on ios I have 18 sensors:

On my droid, I had to enable those manually on the app.
Most of the sensors are disabled by default.

hmm let me check!

hmm unfortunately no disabled sensors on iOS. perhaps its a security issue and is the companion app not able to retrieve that date…

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