Can we install Frigate in Synology using docker?

Anyone have idea/guide on how to install Frigate in Synology/Docker? or Proxmox running Ryzen Chips/GPU

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Hi KingRichard,

may i ask if you hae found a guide/solution meanwhile?


I’m all ears for this to, frigate under synology docker. Preferably DSM 6.2.x

sorry guys, have no information on how to do this just yet

Can I run frigate on synologg without coral? In a reasonable speed?

Yes you can, but you want to make sure your cpu is hefty. It will really depend on how many cameras you want to run.

I have DS 923+, and I would like to connect 4 reolink RLC-410-5MP
Would the Diskstation handle these 4 cameras without any extra google coral USB accelerator?

The main issue: how to integrate Frigate at all into homeassistant? In the past I used homeassistant on a Raspberry Pi, I was able to use add-ons and HACS. But after moving homeassistant into docker on my Synology, I have no idea how to use Add ons or HACS. The instructions here (Home Assistant Integration | Frigate) are about using HACS. But I don’t know how to get HACS into my docker bases homeassistant.

If my Synology were sufficient, are there any clear instructions, how to install Frigate and how to integrate into a docker based homeassistent?