Can we trust Nabu Casa to stay around?

After just having Logitech stop doing TV remotes (I have Harmony Elite and it is REALLY nice), and having Insteon go belly up in a bad way, and Insteon’s web part nearly destroying the use of the Insteon devices, should I depend on Nabu Casa to be part of Home Assistant setup? I need it in order to do remote control of the house. But what will we do if Nabu Casa goes away like Insteon. Are there other alternatives to keep Home Assistant still working remotely?

I’m paranoid now.

Nabu Casa is just a service that easily connects HA to the outside world. You can set up something similar for free in home assistant right now, it just requires a different configuration. Also, it’s harder to set up and not beginner friendly.

I watched a video earlier today and I thought the manual setup they showed still used Nabu Casa, but I’ll have to rewatch it to see for sure.

Do you know where there are instructions to do it without Nabu Casa involved? It is good to know that we could maybe skip them if we really needed to.

I will probably be subscribing to them anyway, but I’m just worried.

I see to always pick things that don’t pan out. OS/2, Silverlight, Pascal, Xbox Kinect, Zip drive, to name a few.

Look up videos on how to set up NGinx with DuckDNS.

If you want to interface with alexa or google, there are extra steps. I’ve never done google, so I can’t comment on that. But Alexa Smart Home Skill is what you’d need for alexa. Be warned, this is VERY challenging.

I’ve been a professional programmer and done programming since 1966 and I usually have been on the bleeding edge of technology. Used multiple programming languages, PL/I, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, amongst other tools and OSes from MVS, TSO, CPM, Solaris, on many devices. So hard doesn’t usually stop me. I just need to study things for a while. I usually become an expert.

At least nowadays, we have the web, youtube, forums etc. It is a lot easier to find stuff out than the old days. Although, the documentation back in the old days was MUCH, MUCH better than now.

But thanks for the warning.

It requires AWS development knowledge. But there is step by step instructions, if they are up to date. The problem is the AWS development UI changes every other week it seems. So the instructions aren’t always explicit.

My company was just starting to use AWS when I left. So I know in concept, but not specifics. More to learn.

You’ll be fine then, it only touches the basics on linking accounts via random URLs and variables.

Sounds good.

Mark, You’ll be fine with the instructions to manually set up the Alexa Smart Home skill. It’s involved but not that hard…if you follow the steps carefully. I’m not a programmer - but have many years of background in technology. It wasn’t that hard. :wink: