Can we update z-wave device firmware when on z-wave js (I know front end hasn't been built yet)

I’ve configured my z-wave devices to use z-wave js because it was the recommended approach. I see “firmware updates” on the roadmap:

WS API Ready, awaiting frontend changes
  Refresh Node (re-interview, refresh values, refresh CC values)
  Replace Failed Node
  Show node metadata on the device page (exclusion, inclusion, reset, wakeup, manual, device database URL)
  Node Firmware Updates

Does anyone know if there is a way to do the update via command line/some other trick without needing to switch to zwavejs2mqtt or find a Windows computer to update hardware?

No, not yet.

Well, you can do it if you understand how to use the HA Rest APIs, or zwave-js-server websocket APIs.

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Switching to zwavejs2mqtt isn’t actually a big deal - I did it a week or so ago and haven’t looked back. The MQTT component is optional, and it’s actually off by default so don’t let that put you off. It’s almost the same feature wise, but exposes the Z-Wave JS GUI, which is far far superior to anything available in the native integration - and has menu options for OTA upgrades, so probably ticks that box for you.

Thanks for recommendation

I was nervous I would have to re-setup my z-wave devices and configure my zooz usb stick all over again. Is it easier than that? (Best case = just add the add-on, and I can use the front end without changing anything :slight_smile: )

It was recently announced that firmware update support is planned for next release.


Such amazing news!

No,w if only you could get Fibaro to do the same. Currently you either have to use their controller to update their devices or else return them to the factory.


Still better than Homeseer.