Can we use a SolarCache energy monitor/diverter?

We are in the UK & have been looking at the merits of using Home Assistant to improve our energy monitoring, logging and analysis.

We have a system nearly 7 years old that was delivered with an energy monitoring/logging/diversion unit by SolarCache.

It gives the energy usage by grid,PV,Total house demand and diverted power. It also plots these on a graph for the day and any previous day.

It still works, but has always been a bit flakey to interrogate.

SolarCache are now defunct, and we can see no mention of them in the forum – which makes us think that we won’t be able to use Home Assistant with our current hardware.

We do know it’s internal IP address – so we are wondering if there is a quick way to determine whether we can interrogate it to produce useful data for Home Assistant - before we decide if further efforts are worthwhile.

Is there a guide about this ?

Has anyone here tried talking to a SolarCache unit?

wind sound effects & tumbleweed

Has no-one here been fitted with a SolarCache unit ?