Can you add emulated hue to Samsung Connect?

I have echos and never played with google assistant until i just switched to android. I see tons of topics out there and have tried to help a freiend integrate his google home with emulated hue. Echos couldnt get much easier, very simple setup. WIth that said, Im not trying to add emulated hue to google really. The s9 from what i read samsung connect might be new for it? It basically dicovers a lot of my smart home stuff and puts nice controls in the notification center. I would LOVE to be able to add some HA stuff in there. Has anyone tried this? thank you

You should let HA be the Brain you be able to do more stuff

It does. I like the convience of being right there in Notification Center.

Home assistant would be doing all the work, I would just have quicker access to a few things that would be handy.