Can you add switches into scenes?

Hi all

I have a few lights in my house that due to the danish way of wiring things, are not suitable for a smartbulb.
instead they are controlled by a sonoff mini mounted in the main breaker box.
but this means that Icant figure out how to control themwithout using an automation which again complicates other things.

my wish is that i can include the state of the switch in a scene, but i keep getting errors.
Ihave found others posts trying the same but none of which verify wheter its possible or not.

my scene looks like this:

name: stue lys normal
      brightness: 204
      is_deconz_group: false
      friendly_name: øvre stue ved stol
      supported_features: 41
      state: 'on'
      min_mireds: 140
      max_mireds: 650
      brightness: 128
      color_temp: 454
      is_deconz_group: false
      friendly_name: stue vindueskarm
      supported_features: 43
      state: 'on'
      state: 'on'

Because you’ve missed the colon off the end of switch.sonoff_lavstue

The error would have told you this.

hmm the error message just told me that it didnt understand the ‘on’ part:

so how should the syntax be?

      state: 'on'


    switch.sonoff_lavstue: on

First one.